When you begin to understand the wisdom of your Home and the connection you have to this very special space, you will begin to understand your HIGHER path in Life and transform your relationships through a deeper understanding of Love through a Heart Centred Space.

Your path to becoming a House Whisper begins here.

Hi, I'm Dawn Kelly

I am the founder of a modality called the INNER COMPASS and as an extension of this course I am offering you the opportunity to learn some practical skills to understand your relationship with yourSELF, your home and your family in more depth.

The INNER COMPASS House Whisperer course offers you a range practical tools and processes to begin your exciting journey as a House Whisperer. I highly recommend that you complete the INNER COMPASS INTUITION MASTERY COURSE before you begin this course as it provides you with the foundation navigation skills.

You will learn

  • How to identify geopathic stress
  • How to use Divining Rods
  • About the House Whispering Processes
  • Interplay of relationships
  • Key themes and time frames
  • How to Open the Heart Centre of your home
  • How to clear entities from your home
  • How to Bless your home
  • About Clarity Codes & Divinity Codes
  • Practical applications: Cleaning with Meaning
  • How to use the specialised House Whispering dowsing lists
  • The Language of Plants
  • The Power of gratitude

If you want to heal the world you must begin at HOME!

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Opening the HEART CENTRE of your Home

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Exploring SELF LOVE

Exploring SELF LOVE and a deeper connection with yourSELF

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Love your Home, Love Your Life. The secret power of Gratitude.

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Endings are New Beginnings in disguise.

House Whisperer Tools.

Identifying Geopathic Stress