Open Your Mind


In order to be truly open to your intuition you need to be able to interpret all the information you receive freely. If you see the word cat, you ask yourself, what does this mean for me. A cat could mean independence, it could relate to allergies, flexibility, it could be a cat scan or it could relate to cuteness, playfulness or a preditor.  

When we are not used to exploring creative symbolism it may take some practise to loosen your thinking. Contemplate, meditate, breathe and relax, then begin the process of exploring towards opening your mind to creative thinking.


Open your mind and explore what these words/ items mean for you. Light, Car, blank page, egg. 



There are messages everywhere. You just need to be open to hearing them. Music is so incredibly powerful that it can transform your life. Music Alchemy is an Inner Compass Process where you are guided by your intuition to a particular song or playlist and see the transformation unfold.

Below is part of an Inner Compass Session I did with Ricky where a song popped into my head and I sang it to him then played it for him. As you can see... Music is powerful!!!

If you have access to spotify then click on the SINGcronicity playlist and press shuffle. I recommend that you listen to at least three songs, but that is entirely up to you.

All the songs have been intuitively chosen to give you a message. The message can be in the title, the words, the melody or in the memory the song awakens in you or a time frame.

Watch the video below and pause it where is tells you to pause it and listen to the three songs that follow. Explore your own insights of these songs and then watch the remainder of the video.

Watch the video below to see the Music Alchemy SINGcronicity process in action.

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