Unincorporating your Name

There are two Commonwealths, a Corporate Commonwealth and a Non-Corporate Commonwealth. If you have a drivers license, a birth certificate, a medicare card etc, then you are belong to the corporate commonwealth. This is

When you unincorporate your name you purchase your name as an unincorporated ABN and you become the Executor for Contracts for your natural private person. For example, Dawn-michelle is the executor of contracts for the Dawn-michelle.

The process of unincorporating your name is a profoundly spiritual process. When you claim your name in Christ, which is your Christian name you rise from the dead legal fiction. This is the resurrection of the Christ within you. The King James Version 1611 Bible is an important tool on your pathway to stepping onto the land as a living man or woman through your name in Christ.

If you would like to Unincorporate your name you need to Join the Commonwealth Custodian Website first, then you join the group called 'Unincorporate Your Name' the D.I.Y. videos are available here. If you would like support through this process then you will need to book a zoom mentoring session.

CLICK HERE to book a session with Dawn via Zoom.

I highly recommend that you look join the Commonwealth Custodians Community on Discord. The link is in on the menu bar.

Unincorporating the name step by step instructions.pdf

Before you attend an Unincorporating the name workshop you will need the following:

  • Your tax file number.
  • Open an ASIC account: https://asic.gov.au/
  • Two email addresses (one is a backup). If possible set up a new email address that doesn't include your name.
  • A mobile phone to photograph your new ABN, you will need this for the ASIC website.

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