When you fly the 1901 FEDERAL LAND FLAG it demonstrates that you are under the jurisdiction of the land, not maritime/cannon law which is the law of contracts. The stars and the ratios are very important.




For over a hundred years Australia has been deceived by a defacto foreign administration government. 26th January, the day that we call 'Australia Day' is in actual fact the day that we became an occupied territory. The history that we have been taught is not Australia's true history. All this information is readily available on Government Websites such as the Australian Treaty Series that clearly shows the depth of the deception.

PRACTICAL LAWFUL ASCENSION is an online course designed to bring Australian Citizens and residents up to speed very quickly so that we can all catch up and be on the same page and unite as a nation, not become part of the United Nations.

We are at a pivotal point, we can either stand as a nation or become swallowed whole by the foreign invader, that is the UN. If you weren't already aware, the UN are the trustees and the beneficiaries of your estate, if you weren't aware of this, you need to be in order to stand your ground.

As part of this vital course you will learn the true history, some basic information about Acts, legislation and treaties that will empower you as you begin to know your standing. You will also learn about jurisdiction and your power to choose whether or not you agree to contract. Tacit Aquiescence = silence is consent, ignorance is consent and stupidity is consent. Knowledge is power and this knowledge is powerful.

Lest We Forget... But we have!!

Learn the true history of Australia and what the ANZACs did for us and WE allowed a foreign power to take it off us. It is time to remember!

31st June - The Real Australia Day

The 1901 Federal Land Flag was consecrated this year on the 31st July 2020 at every ANZAC memorial. The people are begining to stand and honour the sacrifice of our ANZACs.

The 1901 Federal Land Flag

The peoples flag. When you fly the blue ensign flag you are flying the flag of the Government Corportation, most people are oblivious to this, it is almost like some kind of sick joke!

This course is closed for enrollment.

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31st July 2020 - The True Australia Day and the Consecration of the 1901 Federal Land Flag